Why Partner with Innovu

Intuitive Platform

Answers at your fingertips. Leverage access to a flexible platform that puts high level dashboards and detailed data reporting only a click away.

Team of Experts

Industry experts and innovative analysts collaborate with your team to pinpoint opportunities, identify waste and monitor emerging risks.

Plan Design Benchmarking

Innovu’s proprietary benchmarking technology provides a comprehensive benefits strategy that sets you apart.


Use Innovu’s SmartCohort to accurately compare your costs against 1,000 companies with your exact demographic profile. 

Targeted Solutions

Innovu applies clinical and industry methodology to your claims data to intelligently identify savings based on your unique profile. 

Peace of Mind

We take your data security as seriously as you do. Along with our 100% USA based workforce, all data is securely hosted in the United States. Our certifications set us apart.

Innovu’s Engagement Model

Our experts are an extension of your team

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Spend more time analyzing and interpreting data for your clients

Without Innovu

Analyze & Interpret
Collect Data
Clean and Organize Data

With Innovu

Analyze, Interpret and Act
Collect Data

What would you do with 80% more time to analyze and consult?

Human Capital Analytics Lifecycle

innovu's Engagement Model

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Compare & Collect

The Innovu benchmarking tools allow for quick and easy identification of opportunities for self-insured and fully-insured prospects before ever loading claims data.

Frame & Target

Quickly and easily get the answers you need with access to standard dashboards. Go from high-level dashboards to granular data elements with the click of a button. Dig deep and build custom dashboards to address any of your client's specific needs.  

  • Financial
  • Clinical
  • Biometric
  • Targeted (ROI)
  • Workers Compensation

Implement & Measure

Implement solutions that address your unique issues identified in the data. Measure the outcome to hold your vendors accountable. Check and adjust or push forward.

It was clear to me that the Innovu platform along with the engagement team’s expertise will not only allow us to make better plan design decisions but develop techniques to identify cost-saving solutions.
Michelle M
Senior VP of Human Resources
Innovu is the Pro-Level tool in the industry
Brandon B
Director of Analytics & Innovation
We are a data driven company, and partnering with Innovu was one of our best decisions!
Carrie R
VP of Human Resources
The Innovu Platform increased our ability to implement solutions
Patricia M
Benefit Trust Manager
The transparency that we have gained by being able to explore the aggregate data on a paid and allowed basis has influenced the benefits offered and our communication strategies.
Diane H
Executive Director of a Business Group on Health

The Latest Digital Safeguards

We utilize the latest digital safeguards, security policies and risk assessments to maintain compliance with HIPAA and HITECH regulations.  Our security posture is validated and verified semi annually by an independent, third party, AICPA accredited auditing firm and published to our partners in our SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II audit reports.


SSAE16 SOC 1 & 2


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Your clients expect you to control benefit costs and improve the health of their employees. Do both more efficiently & effectively.
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