Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Introducing our NEW User Interface & Simplified Navigation!

Innovu’s multi-level platform provides three different views to unlock Transparency, ROI,
and Accountability:

  • Executive Overview
    Summary of financial performance, risk, and savings opportunities for Medical & Rx programs
  • Expanded Overviews
    Identify trends and specific opportunities in all your critical areas
  • Targeted & Custom Dashboards
    Drill down to diagnose and prescribe action

Executive Overview

Answer your questions with data and review key performance metrics
in one easy to understand dashboard.   

  • Financial Performance, Medical, Rx, Enrollment, Risk and Savings Opportunities
  • Datepicker allows user to easily select time periods for comparison to identify trends

Expanded Overviews

Two examples from Innovu’s Expanded Overviews: 

Identify and Target Immediate Opportunities

Explore and analyze in the Savings Overview to easily identify areas of waste and opportunity within your data. Work with your Advisor to implement solutions and harvest the ROI today. 

Multi-level Platform

Drill Down for Granular Insights 

Innovu’s multi-level platform allows users to go from Executive Level Overviews to the most granular data in 4 clicks. Access all features, create custom dashboards, and utilize robust data models to gain further detailed insight into your data. 

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