Empowering the Data Driven Employer

EmployerLens gives you actionable insight to make informed decisions about your benefits and risk programs. Improve health and benefits outcomes and manage costs by using your data differently.

EmployerLens Overview

When you integrate all of your human capital data, you and your advisors get a 360-degree view of what is happening in your population. You can harness that timely knowledge to make strategic decisions that affect the cost, efficacy, and quality of your benefits and risk programs.

We integrate data across all of your programs and automatically analyze it for actionable opportunities.
We analyze your data along three dimensions:

Data Quality
Business Metrics, Plan Design, and Legal Compliance
Clinical Measures

Actionable Insight

Innovu replaces manual, static reports with a dynamic, web-based analytics environment. With frequent data feeds, we deliver timely, actionable insights you can use to make strategic decisions.

We work with you to create a customized measurement strategy that meets your strategic objectives. You receive product level (medical, pharmacy, workers’ compensation, etc.) dashboards, reports, and key performance indicator metrics. You and your benefit advisor can mine the data to investigate why issues are occurring. Get answers to your questions quickly, not in weeks.

Innovu’s database has access to more than 81 million unique lives, allowing you to compare your performance against others nationally, regionally, or within your specific industry. Our exclusive SmartCohort gives you an apples-to-apples comparison of how you should be performing.

You can also engage with your advisors and the Innovu client services team within our secure platform to keep your data secure.

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EmployerLens includes ad hoc analyst hours that you can use to engage Innovu’s team of benefits and risk experts, healthcare analysts, and business specialists. We also meet with you and your advisors on a quarterly basis to share additional insight and ensure that your customized measurement strategy is meeting your needs.

Harness the visibility and clarity you get with EmployerLens to make strategic decisions about your benefits and risk programs.

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What You Get
  • 24/7 access to your historical and current data
  • Real-time insight to make informed benefits and risk program decisions
  • Innovu’s team of benefits and risk experts, healthcare analysts, and business specialists
  • IntelligentAnalysis that shows you where to focus
  • Benchmarking and real-time comparative analytics
  • InnovuFeed: real-time messaging and collaboration within our secure platform
With a 360-degree view of what is happening in your population, you and your advisor can transform your benefits and risk programs.

IntelligentAnalysis prioritizes issues so you know where to focus. See trends impacting your program costs, identify gaps in care, detect fraud and abuse, and much more with hundreds of configurable alerts.

Compare how you are performing nationally, regionally, and within 9 specific industries. SmartCohort allows you to see how your programs should be performing.

With built-in collaboration tools, you, your advisor, and the Innovu client services team can collaborate within EmployerLens platform, keeping your data secure.


SSAE16 SOC 1 & 2


We deploy the latest digital safeguards, access policies, and third party auditing requirements, verified by independent, third party SSAE16 SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 + HITRUST, HIPAA, and HITECH audits and accreditations.