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Innovu was founded on the belief that by bringing together vast silos of data, we can unlock powerful knowledge to solve complex challenges.

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We securely, accurately, and seamlessly integrate data across all programs to create a consolidated “single truth” of information. We fully exploit this “single truth” of information with well-designed products and integrated analysis services.

How We Do It

We deliver a full range of cloud-based solutions and services that unlock actionable knowledge that empowers our clients and partners to understand and solve complex problems in mitigating risk while optimizing quality, cost, and efficiency of benefits and risk programs.

Innovu was founded in 2014 to transform the way companies use data to mitigate business and population risk. By consolidating all of their human capital, business, and risk data, employers, benefit advisors, and communities get a 360-degree view of their populations, allowing them to understand—for the first time—the issues driving program risk, cost, and quality.

Innovu turns human capital and risk program data—health and wellness, absence management, disability, workers’ compensation, and total compensation—into assets employers can use to make more informed, data-driven business decisions. Together with their benefit advisors, we improve member health outcomes and control program costs.

We empower benefit advisors to consult more strategically. Using our client-focused data analytic and actuarial tools, advisors uncover insights about client plan performance, cost drivers, and key trends, which they translate into plan design changes and other programs that control costs, improve employee health, and reduce overall risk.

We help communities, such as business groups on health, drive long-term, sustainable change in the quality and cost of care in their communities. Using aggregated data to identify issues and opportunities, they can collectively drive sustainable change.

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Empowering an industry takes innovation beyond cool technology, which we have. It takes innovation in every process and every function from everyone that comes to work each and every day.

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