Neil Quinn

Benefits and Risk Management ExpertNeil Quinn

A leader in innovation and proactive human capital enhancement, risk reduction, and health improvement strategies

Neil Quinn has created and directed health services, disease reversal and wellness programs, and cost control strategies across a wide supply-demand continuum. With a strategic focus on identifying, measuring, and managing employee and organizational risks, he’s integrated proven approaches to aid employers in gaining real control of excess costs and in quantifying outcomes and return on value.

In his most recent role as Vice President and Director of Innovation and Strategic Risk Management at Oswald Companies, Neil drove the ideation and nurturing of creative solutions that ultimately made client businesses better and the employee-owners’ work lives more fulfilling. He also directed the integration architecture that aligned Oswald expertise across services to cumulatively reduce client risk exposure. This twin leadership of novel concepts and cross-linked risk reduction services elevated Oswald’s ingenuity and effectiveness in serving clients.

Before joining Oswald Companies, he served as Director of Preventive Care Services for Whole Health Management. Neil provided oversight for proactive clinical and population health risk management and health enhancement initiatives. He was responsible for prevention-focused services and professional development for medical clinics and fitness centers, developing strategies to build expert-partner relationships with clients for health and productivity management. This included creating a multi-level model for health and productivity management initiatives and placement of health and productivity metrics on the corporate balanced scorecard.

Neil spent five years pioneering interactive personalized health programs. While at the University of Michigan Health Media Research Lab, he developed cutting-edge multimedia expert system- and user-guided health assessment, disease prevention, and health improvement programs. Transferring this research to the private sector, he was a founding partner of and directed product development for HealthMedia, Inc.

Neil holds a Master’s of Science degree in Kinesiology and a Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Med and Communication Theory and Methods from the University of Michigan. He also served as a lecturer in the University’s executive MBA program and for the School of Medicine.