2018 Financial Wellness Update

From a macroeconomic perspective, the financial wellness environment slightly improved from last year. Results and opinions around financial stress and retirement confidence have not changed much from last year, according to PWC’s Employee Financial Wellness Survey—2018 results. There weren’t many significant changes worth noting. To learn more, read my first blog on the topic, Financial...

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Vacations Recharge Employees’ Batteries and May Help Your Bottom Line

While I was trying to think of a topic for this blog, my thoughts kept drifting to my upcoming vacation. I’m taking time off to be with my family and to get away from work. I began daydreaming about splashing and laughing in the ocean with my kids. What fun! But slowly those thoughts turned...

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Use Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics to Control Benefits Costs & Improve Member Health

Data analytics enables you to make informed decisions by providing actionable insight. I am going to discuss three types of analytics. While historically analytics was concentrated in descriptive analytics, recently and currently the focus is on predictive and prescriptive analytics. Do not be fooled by a vendor or carrier that claims they perform data analytics....

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A Look at the Health Conditions Driving Employer Healthcare Costs

You’re always seeking ways to keep your healthcare costs in check. One of the best ways is to understand what’s driving your costs. The International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans (IFEBP) asked 500 employers to name the top 3 conditions driving costs (see table below). Top 10 Conditions Driving Employer Health Costs Rank Condition %...

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The Importance of Managing Health

No matter where you might fall on the health continuum, it is important to understand your health and how to manage it. You must make a conscious effort to be healthy. If you don’t, you will end up with major health issues, represented by the red box in Figure 1.   Health Management Along the...

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