Wasteful Healthcare Spending: A Significant Cost Driver for Employers

We all know that healthcare coverage is expensive, but did you know that it can be wasteful too? According to the Institute of Medicine, about $750 billion is wasted spending which includes: Unnecessary services Excessive administrative costs Fraud Other problems. Employers who foot the bill can grit their teeth and tell you exactly how many...

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Why You Should Assess Employees’ Retirement Readiness

The number of older Americans working in the US rose to 8.9 million in 2016, a 35% increase from the 6.6 million employed in 2011 (Bureau of Labor Statistics-BLS). The BLS projects this to be the fastest growing segment of the workforce through 2024. Not surprising, older workers with college degrees have more opportunities to...

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Access to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Data: Balancing Privacy with Treatment Efficacy

Mental health is big news in the NFL right now and Derek Carr of the Oakland Raiders is at its center. Carr allegedly cried on the sidelines during a recent game, causing a “fractured relationship” with his teammates who now lack confidence in his ability to lead the team (The Athletic). Sadly, Carr’s story is...

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Will Millennials Have a Tougher Time Retiring?

That is a hard question to answer because the definition of retiring is changing. We need to adjust our antiquated view. The Social Security Act of 1935 established the normal retirement age as 65 years. That was 80+ years ago and much has advanced since that time. We are living a good bit longer these...

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The Wrath of Comorbidity

The importance of maintaining health or managing diseases is obvious when controlling healthcare costs, population health, and personal health. It also crosses the human capital spectrum with its effects on other lines of data like workers’ compensation. In case you are new to my blogs, comorbidity is two or more medical conditions existing simultaneously regardless...

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