Is Cost-Shifting Reducing Your Healthcare Costs in the Long-Run?

As healthcare costs continue to rise, employers shift more of the burden to their employees. In 2017, employees’ share of total costs rose 5% from $3,378 to $3,550, while employers’ share rose less than 1%, from $6,350 to $6,401 (2017 United Benefit Advisors Health Plan Survey). Employers are also raising out-of-network deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums,...

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HR Needs to Take Control of Its Benefits Data

If you’re like most employers, your benefits data sit in separate databases at different vendors. You really don’t think much about the data itself, relying instead on vendor reports to see how much your plan is costing you and the most prevalent conditions in your population. This might have seemed like a good idea once,...

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Data Breach Pitfalls and the PHI Pendulum

This Halloween, the ghosts and goblins aren’t the only scary creatures out there. Now we have new threats scaring us that are very real and come in the form of computer hacks, malicious malware, and phishing scams. In the most recent Equifax breach, we have been shown how vulnerable our personal data really is. Having...

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How Does Your Benefits Plan Stack Up?

The Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust (HRET) released their 2017 Employer Health Benefits Survey in September. The report sheds light on the employer-sponsored insurance landscape, which covers around 151 million workers. Not surprisingly, costs continue to rise for both employers and employees, although the increases are in the single digits...

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What Value are You Getting from Your Employee Benefits Packages?

An article posted in the Views section of the Employee Benefit News (EBN) website titled, 5 Steps to Improving Healthcare Benefits ROI, (free registration required) really got me thinking. Author Brain Ancell states that health benefits are a big financial investment, but most employers “don’t understand the value of their benefits package” and “aren’t getting...

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