The Changing Retirement Landscape and Retirement Readiness

Most of us to some degree have worried, stressed, or thought about having enough money to retire comfortably. Retirement readiness is the ability to be financially prepared to retire. We, as employees, want the standard of living we have now to continue into retirement. It’s important to have the financial health to choose to retire....

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HR Can Demonstrate Value by Becoming More Strategic

You’re already under pressure to control benefits costs, so the news that employers should expect a 6.5% increase in health spending in 2018 (PwC’s Health Research Institute) has your head spinning. How can you manage your benefits programs when you’re at the mercy of external forces like Big Pharma price gouging and medical costs that...

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Employees Unable to Retire Could Be a Financial Nightmare for HR

The good news is that we’re living longer, but the bad news is that many are unprepared for the financial burden they face with longevity. This is raising concerns in several areas. Increased Life Expectancy The US age pyramid chart depicts the increasing life expectancy since 1900. At that time, we had a healthy young...

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Monitoring Prescription Costs Doesn’t End when Open Enrollment Closes

You’re breathing a sigh of relief that open enrollment is over and you won’t have to think about healthcare benefits for the next several months. But you shouldn’t put your medical and prescription drug plans on the shelf so quickly. You need to understand what impact your new offerings may have on employees and the...

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Why HR Should Worry about Healthcare Mergers and Partnerships

The healthcare market could be changing drastically as more insurers, drug stores, and hospitals/health systems consider mergers and new partnerships. The most recent mega-deal has CVS Health purchasing Aetna for $69 billion. Other moves are underway. United Healthcare announced the purchase of DaVita Medical Group, which runs clinics, urgent care centers, and outpatient surgery centers...

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