Cost of Chronic Disease to Reach $42 Trillion by 2030

I can’t even fathom how much $42 trillion is. But experts predict that it’s the price we will be paying for unhealthy behaviors, in both medical costs and lost productivity by 2030, if we don’t take steps to improve our health (Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease). The projections cover years 2016-2030: $2 trillion in medical...

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The Value of Employee Well-Being

Employers often deploy wellness programs in a vacuum, limiting the focus of what they address, such as a “know your numbers campaign” or a financial wellness plan. A total well-being strategy is a holistic view of well-being, breaking down benefits that were previously viewed separately. Health, financial wellness, life, and the workplace are all intertwined...

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Employer Healthcare Benefits: 2019 Medical and Rx Trends

Medical and prescription drug costs are projected to increase 6% in 2019, a rate that will outpace both inflation and wage earnings (PWC’s Health Research Institute). Several factors impact this rising trend (see Figure 1)—some driving cost increases and others helping to deflate them. Let’s look at the components impacting medical and Rx trends.  ...

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Current State of Health Benefit Strategies

With unemployment being lower and the economy continuing to be strong, employers need to attract and retain employees. The threat of quality employees leaving is higher now, and I am sure there is some pent-up desire to change jobs. According to the Willis Towers Watson 23rd Annual Best Practices in Health Care Employer Survey, employers...

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Employer Healthcare Benefits: A Look Back at 2018

I, like most of you, was fortunate to spend the holidays reminiscing with family and imprinting new memories in my mind. Looking back on the year and planning for the new one ahead sparked the idea for the topic of this post—the state of employer-paid healthcare benefits in 2018. My next post will look at...

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