Real time insight to make informed benefits and risk program decisions

Most data analytics solutions on the market today provide static reports that focus only on medical and pharmacy data. Some even rely on data that is two years old.

To make impactful decisions about your benefits and risk programs, you need real time insight. Your data needs to be current and accessible. For most types of data, you should schedule at least monthly data feeds. Timely data is key to driving actionable insight. Innovu encourages you to schedule at least monthly data feeds.

Integrate Your Data

You need to integrate all of your benefits and risk program data into a single, secure platform so you can get a 360-degree view of your population. If your data isn’t integrated, you aren’t able to see program correlations or uncover root causes of why issues are occurring. Innovu doesn’t limit the number of data sources we collect for you.

Analyze Data Automatically

To reduce the time needed to discover actionable insight and decrease your chance of missing critical information, your solution should provide automatic analysis of your data. This gives you instant access to actionable insight you can use to make strategic decisions about your benefits and risk programs. Innovu generates reports instantly to give you actionable insight to make informed, data driven decisions.

Prioritize Issues

With so much data available, you might not know where to start. You may waste resources on interventions that have little impact because of static reports showing you only part of the picture. Innovu’s IntelligentAnalysis shows you where to look first.

Explore Your Data

You should have access to your data so you or your benefit advisor can mine it for answers to your questions and uncover why issues are occurring in your population. With real-time data across all of your programs, you get actionable insight to make data driven decisions. Innovu allows you and your advisor to mine the data to identify root causes of issues impacting your benefits and risk programs.

Engage with Experts

You aren’t an analytics expert. Having a team of analytics experts to help you understand your data and identify problem areas would make your programs even more successful. Secure collaboration with our analytics and your advisors is built right into the platform.

Innovu’s benefits and risk experts, healthcare analysts, and business specialists engage with you and your data to get you the actionable insight you need. Innovu empowers you to use timely data across all of your programs to make informed business decisions.