Location Impacts Healthcare Cost, Quality, and Utilization

If you’re like me, when you hear the phrase, “location matters,” you immediately think of real estate. But location plays a more critical role in our lives than I knew....

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How Do Your Healthcare Costs and Utilization Rates Compare?

Per person spending for medical and pharmacy services reached $5,641 in 2017 for those with employer-sponsored healthcare, the highest it has ever been according to the 2017 Heath Care Cost...

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Cost of Chronic Disease to Reach $42 Trillion by 2030

I can’t even fathom how much $42 trillion is. But experts predict that it’s the price we will be paying for unhealthy behaviors, in both medical costs and lost productivity...

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Employer Healthcare Benefits: 2019 Medical and Rx Trends

Medical and prescription drug costs are projected to increase 6% in 2019, a rate that will outpace both inflation and wage earnings (PWC’s Health Research Institute). Several factors impact this...

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Employer Healthcare Benefits: A Look Back at 2018

I, like most of you, was fortunate to spend the holidays reminiscing with family and imprinting new memories in my mind. Looking back on the year and planning for the...

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